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Astronomers found Cosmic neon light

Credit: ESA/XMM-Newton, L. Oskinova/University Potsdam, Germany

A new type of star has been found that has never been found before in X-ray light. Remnants of stars having the mass equivalent to our sun’s mass are formed out of white dwarfs. These types of stars are formed when two white dwarfs collided with each other when two white dwarfs shine bright in X-ray light.

Astronomers of the university of Potsdam Germany used ESA’s XMM-Newton X-ray telescope to study this object with very high wind speed and extreme brightness. These objects can’t be ordinary white dwarf instead are a new type of stars that survived two white dwarf messenger.

The remnant of the clash is a nebula which is also visible in the image and found to be mostly made up of neon. The star is too unstable to survive and is likely to collapses into a neutron star within 10,000 years.

Source / Journal Nature Astronomy & Astrophysics
Via / Provided by: European Space Agency

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