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Best Stargazing app for Android (2019)

3 best Sky-watching android apps evaluated and ranked

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The night sky has always been a mystery to people. Not only the pro sky watchers but also those who are not from such background have an enormous interest in the night sky. It always amazes us. We’ve made up stories, figures about the constellations, stars, and planets, and sought to explain the many strange lights we saw in the sky. Ancient astronomers actually lit up the interest within us to dive into the beautiful night sky. Modern astronomy has since revealed more about the infinite space, opening up a world as fascinating as any myth or fairy tale. Now the modern technology is helping the mankind to taste a bit of the enormous sky through Stargazing app, astronomy aid, and other apps right into the palm of your hand.

Best Stargazing app ranking

There are a lot of Stargazing Android apps out there on the Play store, will help you out to gaze the night sky and pointing out the starts, constellations etc. We have tested a lot of them and today we have selected only 3 of them as best Free Stargazing app for android because we don’t want to make you confused about the bests and wasting time on long lists.

1 Star Chart (Escapist Games Limited)

Star Chart (Escapist Games Limited)

Price: Free / Paid (Extended mode) Get it on Google Play

The ‘Star Chart’ app is one of the best stargazing app developed by Escapist Games Limited. This comes with 3 exclusive options like Sky view, Explore Mode and Moments in Time. Using the Sky view mode you can explore the starry sky. Just select the Sky view mode, from gear icon select your location and pan the phone to the sky. It’s done. It will nicely show you all the finest details of the sky with all details right on your screen. In one sentence: it’s a miniature observatory on your palm. They also have extended modes (paid) like ‘Extended solar system’, ‘Extended star catalog’ etc.

They also have many more apps related to astronomy for different purposes. We’ll discuss those apps in another post. We will post a full tutorial/guide/review of the ‘Star Chart’ app next week.

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2 Star Walk 2 Free – Identify Stars in the Sky Map

Star Walk 2 Free – Identify Stars in the Sky Map

Price: Free / Paid (Extra features & Ad-free) Get it on Google Play

The actual name of this stargazing app is ‘Star Walk 2 Free – Identify Stars in the Sky Map’. This is one of my favorite sky-watching apps because it provides more features than any other sky-watching app. Though I placed it on 2nd rank because it triggers too many ads whenever you click on any object. But its also a fact that without monetization they couldn’t provide you such beautiful stunning features like the Extended solar system, Satellites (3D), Planets (3D view and inner details) and Deep Sky objects.

These paid modes are paid but not costly. If you buy individually, you need to pay more instead you get the bundled pack which contains all these features and also get rid of Ads. The bundled pack comes in a very cheap rate around $4.00 to $5.00 (USD) only. In Indian currency, it will cost you ₹290.00 only. Trust me, if you buy this pack, you’ll get more than enough thing to explore through this stargazing app.

The most favorite feature of this app: ‘The Deep sky’ object will unlock a total 229 deep-sky objects on the star map. 158 of them have stunning 3D visualizations. There are so many features which I didn’t mention here. I want you to try this stargazing app once if you wish to pay a little.

3 Stellarium Mobile Sky Map

Stellarium Mobile Sky Map

Price: Paid (₹160.00 / $2.33) Get it on Google PlaY

Stellarium Mobile Sky Map is a fully-featured pocket planetarium. It provides a realistic and accurate night sky map, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. The app uses phone’s sensors to control and identify a star just by pointing the phone at the sky!

This stargazing app contains over 600,000 stars displayed as a real time zoomable sky map including many nebulae and galaxies (ex.: realistic Milky Way), constellations with pictures for some of them. 3D rendering of the major solar system planets and their satellites.

Stellarium mobile sky watching android app
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If we missed any great stargazing app, tell us about them in the comments below!

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