Cosmic Watch 2.0, The Best Real Time 3D Sky Watching App

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A few days back, we have discussed and ranked the top stargazing apps for android. Today we are about to introduce another awesome new sky watching app. Its name is Cosmic Watch 2.0, developed by Celestial Dynamics Ltd. It provides you a real-time 3D skywatching experience through your mobile.

Why Cosmic watch is unique?

First of all, the UI of this app will mesmerize you. No in-app purchase, no ads, nothing annoying. The app is packed with lots of features like,

  • A unique app containing a 3D celestial sphere for an overview of the whole sky.
  • Planetarium with star maps, constellations, and astronomical events calculator.
  • Augmented reality (AR) for experiencing the sky.
  • 3D interactive astronomical clock and world clock.
  • A comprehensive representation of retrogrades.
  • Geocentric and Heliocentric views of the solar system.
  • Digital compass.
  • And Many informative layers

Actually, this app is a virtual pocket-planetarium. It provides you with real-time sky views, planet positions, season timings, equatorial clock, constellations, stars etc according to your location. You can set your location by searching the city or use GPS. In spite of making inch perfect 3D simulation, visual rendering doesn’t lag, smooth experience.

A well-defined user guide is available on their website.

The most exclusive features present

After opening this app, tap on the ‘eye’ icon (this will trigger the settings of this app). There are many settings inside this button. From the clock tab, you can change clock settings like ‘Ecliptic Clockface, Equatorial clockface, seasons, year etc, from sky tab you can enable the surroundings constellations, zodiac signs, star names, interstellar gas & dust etc.

1 Connection Finder

Connection Finder

If you set the view mode to ‘earth’ icon and turn on the ‘connection finder’ feature. Which planet is now on top of which locations of Earth, will be shown to your display by few colorful lines and labels. This is a unique feature of this app.

2 Celestial Rings

Celestial Rings

Under the Guides tab inside the settings (eye icon) just turn on the ‘Celestial Rings’ feature. The magic is done. You can see the Celestial equator, the tropic of cancer, the tropic of Capricorn, northern solstice, earth’s rotational axis, earth’s daily rotational direction, earth’s rotation in the sky etc.

3 Equatorial & Ecliptic Clockface

Equatorial & Ecliptic Clockface

From the clock tab, you can change clock settings like ‘Ecliptic Clockface, Equatorial clockface, seasons, year etc.

4 Go forward in time

Go forward in time

Just click on the dim clock icon at the right-bottom corner and tap on the forward icon and change the timelapse to 6 months/sec or 1 year /sec. You can see the timelapse of our solar system and the planets and their fast movement through their orbits. This is the best feature.

Suggestion to the developer

Dear developer, We think, the app is excellent from every point of view, but if you kindly make the icon size a little smaller, that would be great. Bigger icons make the UI messy, which is annoying for small screen devices.

‘COSMIC WATCH: Time and Space’ app available in Android & iOS devices. Price: $4.49* / ₹100* [price data collected from PlayStore, it may vary in time]
*Akashganga doesn’t responsible if the price changes
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