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COVID 19 new mutations


Two new variants of SARS-COV-2 have emerged in Britain and South Africa which are mutated versions of COVID-19 and are identified as far more infectious.

A mutation occurs when the viruses replicate so that they can adapt to the environment. The scientist has tracked numerous mutations of SAR-COV-2 but the maximum of the alternations didn’t improve its virulence or transmissibility. But one kind of mutated variant B117 which has emerged in southeastern England which is recently being detected nowadays.

Another variant 501-v-2 is also detected in South Africa. Both have multiple mutations on their spike protein which increases their spreadability as the mutation helps the spike to easily attachable and more penetrating into a living body. It is also found that the reproduction rate of the mutated version is 0.4 to 0.7 times higher than the unmutated one and its transmissibility is increased 50-74 percent.

More dangerous than the nonmutated version?

Experts say although the mortality rate of this one is 0.8 times that of the unmutated virus yet with higher transmissibility it may cause more pressure on the health system of the countries and also may be more number of deaths.

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