COVID 19 reaches brain


Nature Neuroscience researchers founded that the spike proteins of COVID19 can cross the blood-brain barrier in the case of mice.

The spike-protein which in the S1 protein determines which cell the virus can enter. Usually, the virus does whatever it’s spike protein instructs. But as the binding protein detaches from the virus and causes inflammation by making the brain release cytokines and the inflammatory products. This leads to cytokinin storm. The immune system inturns react to kill the virus and the infected person is left with brain fog.

Scientists say that the glycoprotein that has lots of sugar on them is the identity of problems binding with each other. These proteins act as the arms of the viruses by clutching onto other receptors and both cross the blood-brain barrier and S1 toxicants brain tissues.

Reference/Journal DOI: 10.1038/s41593-020-00771-8
Source/Provided by University of Washington Health Sciences/UW Medicine

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