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Just Like me almost every people on earth is fascinated by space science. Children in India are very curious about planets, galaxies, nebula, Universe, etc but are we studying space science just for fun or curiosity? The answer is no we should have a purpose behind this study of Space Science. By studying the universe we can understand where we came from, where we are going and how Physics works under conditions that are impossible to recreate on Earth.

Our universe is a kind of laboratory where at every instance many reactions are going on, sometimes it creates something and then destroys another. We are the outcome of a such reaction. Anyways in a developing country like India space education is not much popularised. Even in some States astronomy and space science is not in students’ curriculum. Space is the next frontier for students but lack of guidance is the reason that a lot of students quit their dreams of becoming space scientists or astronomers. And also a lot of people have a myth that only after getting into IITs, one can fulfill their dream to be a space scientist or engineer.

Anyways let me tell you a story…

I was fascinated by space when I am in 8 grade. In my school, I asked one teacher about how should I chase this dream of mine and he advised me that I have to crack IIT to pursue my career as a Space Engineer. Then I had no idea about ‘how to start’ and ‘what to start’. I came back home and started searching online for space science-related courses. Many start-ups in India were working on space education and I started visiting their websites. But man! I was startled after seeing the price range of these courses. It was around ₹900 – ₹1000 for one class per course and on some educational platforms, it was up to ₹3999. But since India is still a developing country, not everyone can afford to pay this absurd amount and this is when a student’s dream gets crushed in front of their eyes.

This is when I decided, that I will bring a platform into reality where students can learn A to Z of Space Technology at a bare minimum cost and they will get to learn from the top scientists of the world.
We are a team of 6 people (Soumyajit Dasgupta, Aritra Baidik, Avijit Dutta Gupta, Trinanjan Dasgupta, Manish Nath, Sayan Ghosh) who are working towards this dream with our heart and soul to transform it into reality.

And this journey of ours will commence with the first course which is going to be launched on 16th April and will continue till 18th April by an ISRO Scientist. [Click here to know more about it]

Our team welcomes everyone with a warm heart to be a part of our dream journey.

Do you know that you can contribute to or help NASA scientists with their research? Yes, there are a lot of citizen science projects where you can involve yourself in those projects. Hex-Star Universe is introducing students to citizen science projects by organizing several workshops on this. we are also organizing an asteroid search campaign almost every month.

Currently, we are coming up with several offline workshops on astronomy and sky observation in Kolkata.

We are on a mission to build a platform where everyone can get an opportunity to explore Space Science and Technology and they can involve themselves in different citizen science projects and built their career path toward their dream.

Because We made a promise ” To boost up every student’s ‘Swapno ka Udaan’.”

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