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ISRO Releases First Illuminated Image of Lunar Surface Captured by Chandrayaan-2

First Illuminated Image of Lunar Surface // Source: ISRO

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on Monday released the first illuminated images of the lunar surface which were captured by Chandrayaan2’s Imaging Infrared Spectrometer (IIRS) payload.

ISRO released the images on its Twitter account showing part of the lunar farside in the northern hemisphere. The image also shows Sommmerfield crater floor, the sunlit inner rim of crater Kirkwood, Stebbins crater floor, fresh crater Ejecta in Sommerfield crater floor and Stebbins crater central peak.

According to ISRO, IIRS is designed to measure the reflected sunlight and emitted part of Moonlight from the lunar surface in narrow and contiguous spectral channels (bands).

The major objective of IIRS is to understand the origin and evolution of the Moon in a geologic context by mapping the lunar surface mineral and volatile composition using signatures in the reflected solar spectrum.

Source / Journal ISRO
Via / Provided by: News18

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