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GreenDispo: The Modern Eco-friendly Sanitary Napkin Incinerator


The scientific research environment of India is changing with remarkable speed. Indian scientists are participating in different path-breaking researches all over the world. Research Institutes of India are also supporting them with their full strength.

We all know that sanitary napkins are essential for hygiene and health. Government and several NGO are spreading awareness among people about uses of sanitary napkins. Few movies, short films were made to gear up those awareness programs. But with the increase in uses of sanitary napkins, there is a possibility of environmental pollution which may end in a nightmare.

Used sanitary napkin grows harmful pathogen causing serious hygiene problem and often blocked drainage paths. So to popularize the massive use of sanitary napkin we must resolve those environmental issues.

Researchers are trying to develop a device to incinerate sanitary napkins with low environmental harm. National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) along with International Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Material (ARCI) and Sowbal Aerothermics (SA) has successfully launched a new high tech device, named GreenDispo, to destroy the used sanitary napkins completely with minimal flue gas emission.

It is estimated that nearly 432 million pads are disposed of every month in India. The number will increase at a rapid pace in next few years. But traditional systems of disposal emit toxic gas and consume much time for disposing of.

Image: © cleanfuture

GreenDispo is an eco-friendly incinerator consists of an improved combustion chamber, consume less energy and safely dispose of sanitary napkin pads.


It produces more than 800ºC temperature to completely combust used pad. It has also a secondary heating chamber which produces 1050ºC to take care of any hazardous emission from the incinerator. It has also a specially designed ceramic holder that channelized heat most effectively. The product will be available in the market next month.

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