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GSAT-6A Satellite Successfully Placed Into Orbit

India's New Satellite To Boost Armed Forces, Help Moon Mission

Credit: ISRO, Times of India. Courtesy: R.R. Shankar

The new satellite GSAT-6A Successfully Placed Into Orbit. The 2,066 kg GSAT-6A satellite, built by space agency ISRO, which cost around Rs. 270 crore, will be able to send and receive signals from hand-held devices. We congratulate ISRO for this successfull launch from the whole team of Akashganga.

The launch took place at 4:56 pm [IST] from the Second Launch Pad (SLP) at Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota. The satellite has been placed into the orbit after 17 minutes of the lift-off, the three-stage rocket injected the satellite into a geosynchronous transfer orbit, and ISRO scientists watching the monitors at the mission control centre in the spaceport broke into celebrations. DETAILS OF GSAT-6A

According to the Indian Space Research Organisation, the real-time systems check operations have been completed.

GSAT-6A Satellite Successfully Placed Into Orbit
GSAT-6A Satellite Successfully Placed Into Orbit. Credit: Times of India. Courtesy: R Ramesh Shankar

GSLV-F08, weighing 415.6 tonnes with a height of 49.1 metre comes with notable improvements like induction of High Thrust Vikas Engine, electromechanical actuation system in place of electro-hydraulic actuation system.

The mission life of the spacecraft planned is about 10 years. The satellite will provide a platform for developing technologies such as demonstration of 6m S-Band Unfurlable Antenna, handheld ground terminals and network management techniques. These are useful in satellite-based mobile communication applications. In the coming days, scientists will fire the thrusters onboard the satellite to manoeuvre it to a geostationary orbit.

Source / Journal ISRO ANI
Via / Provided by: Times of India

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