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Humans create a space barrier

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It is observed by NASA that humans have made a space barrier. This zone is highly mysterious in the space weather which is called due to blasting of specific kinds of radio waves. It has been decades that such a barrier is created and is expanding. Experts say that expanding and helps in protecting mankind from outer space radiation.

The radiation belts contain two layers- the inner layer that stretches from around 640 to 9600 km above the Earth’s surface while the outer belt occupies an altitude of roughly 13,500 to 58,000 km above that.

Now the question is how it’s made? A particular transmission has become very common since the ’60s as per NASA, this a very low-frequency radio wave which is causing such an anthropogenic as human-made space weather. The frequencies are between 3 and 30 kilohertz which are weaker than audio transformation but perfect for broadcasting signals deep underwater.

These signals were not intended to go anywhere else other than the earth but they leaked out into space making a giant protective bubble.

Via / Provided by: ScienceAlert

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