Khushi Arora, a 19 years young girl discovered more than 130 supernovas

19 years young space girl of India

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Khushi Arora, born on 28/02/2003, is a space girl, from Hanumangarh, Rajasthan, India.

She is a space enthusiast from her childhood and started citizen science projects a few years back.

Meet, Khushi Arora, a space girl, 19 years young. She is a space enthusiast, Science Communicator, spreading knowledge about Astronomy. She is a Space Educator, teaching astronomy and space science. She has worked with many Space-based companies.

She is a social worker, serving the hungry citizens and educating them.

Her journey started with a visit to the ISRO science exhibition in Jaipur when she was in 10th standard. Her talk with ISRO scientists and zeal to know and solve mysteries of the universe is the force, she is here now.


She started citizen science projects a few years back.

  • She discovered 139 supernovas,
  • 49 preliminary asteroids detections,
  • 2 provisional asteroids,
  • A lot of variable stars,
  • She has been a part of Planet Hunters Project, Dark Energy Explorers, ASAS-SN, Disc Detective, Spectra Police, Gravity Spy, etc citizen science projects.

She is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in science from Post Graduate Govt. College for Girls, Punjab University, Chandigarh.

SA citizen science project always inspires people to do something in the field of Astronomy and science. I met Sovan Acharya Sir in 2020 and he is most inspiring, active and diligent person.

Khushi Arora Junior Astronomer

The Akashganga team congratulates her for all of her works & achievements as well as her upcoming journey. We hope after reading about this young Astronomer, many more students will fall in love with such a great stream of Science: Astronomy!

This article came out of the conversation between Khusi Arora & the Akashganga team. Please share this article as much as possible, so that Khushi’s work on Astronomy can inspire many more.

Source/Provided by SA Citizen Science Group Khushi on Facebook Khushi on Instagram

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