Life arouse from DNA and RNA mix


A discovery made by Chemists at Scripps Research about how life originated in our planet suggests a simple compound called (DAP) diamidophosphate that was present before life arose on the earth could have chemically joined to form tiny primordial DNA.

Post several years of research points that these two self-replicating molecules RNA and DNA which ought to be the first form of life on earth have originated from similar chemical reactions.

Previous studies say that DAP could have played, a crucial role to modify ribonucleosides and stringing them together in strands to form RNA. Recent studies show that DAP under the same conditions does the same thing with DNA.

After these being successful they are mixing ribonucleoside and deoxynucleoside to study which chimeric molecule evolves and whether they self-replicate or not in order to find how life arose.

Reference/Journal DOI: 10.1002/anie.202015910
Source/Provided by Scripps Research Institute

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