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Massive gravitational ripples found


The Astrophysical Journal letters published new research from North America Nanohertz Observatory which hints an unique and powerful gravitational wave ripples that warp through the fabric of space-time.

Over 13 years researchers of NANOgrav are trying to study pulsars spread out through the Milky Way in order to detect gravitation waves. These pulsars are lighthouses of the galaxy. They spin unbelievably swift and send radiation streams in a blinking pattern that doesn’t change over the eons.

It is found that the steady patterns of light coming from pulsars are altered by the gravitational waves. In other words, gravitational wave backgrounds can be simply studied by monitoring pulsars correlated arrival timings.

This group has already observed 45 pulsars for at least 3 years and observed many violent and short-lived outbursts but they are looking for gravitational waves that are steadier in nature. Detecting the background noise would be a major scientific achievement.

Source / Journal DOI: 10.3847/2041-8213/abd401 The Astrophysical Journal Letters

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