Extracting energy from black holes?


Eminent Oxford physicist and Nobel prize winner Roger Penrose suggested an ingenious process named Penrose process that is theoretically able to extract energy from the ergosphere where the space-time gets twisted around the black hole.

According to Penrose’s calculation if a particle is split down into parts within the ergosphere one part falls into the event horizon and the other escape the black holes’ gravity. This is the energy extracted out of the black hole.

This was experimentally verified by Luca Commisso and Felipe.A.Asenjo in their new work where they showed magnetic field lines break and rejoin inside the ergosphere this causes splitting of plasma particles in the ergosphere with velocities reaching the speed of light in two different directions leading to one of them to enter the black hole and the other to escape into space. This escaping plasma stream can harness limitless energy with an efficiency of 150 % higher than any power plant.

Reference/Journal PHYSICAL REVIEW D

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