Perseverance Rover would be recording audio on mars that won’t sound same on earth


A pair of microphones is carried by Perseverance Rover, those are designed to record interesting and historic audio after its arrival and landing on Mars on Feb 18, 2021.

The audio gathered may not sound the same on earth as the atmosphere on Mars is 1% as dense as that of the earth and has different compositing to that of our earth. The super cam microphone can be pointed in the direction of a sound source of potential interest as the SuperCam microphone is located just above Rover’s remote sensing mast.

The microphone is also going to record the missions’ super entry, descent, and landing. A little grid is put at the end of the microphone to prevent it from Martian dust. Scientists provide three main reasons for the sound differences:

  • Temperature: Since the Martian atmosphere is colder the reachability of the sound waves decreases.
  • Density: the Martian atmosphere has a very low density which affects how the sound waves travel from source to detector.
  • Composition of atmosphere: As martian atmosphere is mostly made up of carbon dioxide while that on earth is mostly nitrogen. In this type of atmosphere, high-frequency noises are more attenuated in that kind of atmosphere of Mars.
Source/Provided by NASA

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