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Possibility of life in Pluto


It was found by me that measuring the mass gaining may be a new way to find the alien life in other planets. The article named as ‘Mass gaining of planets and finding life’, which was published in Akashganga Science Magazine (May,2018, page 8) whose doi:10.5281/Zenodo.3239467

Depending on this paper, it was claimed by me that the possibility of life in Pluto is very strong in 6th Sept 2018,as the mass of Pluto raises in between the year 1978 to 2006. When I claimed this type of statement, I also said that we have to wait for data of new Horizon mission by NASA.

Sputnik Planitia is a white colored basin near Pluto’s equator only discovered in 2015 when New Horizon spacecraft zipped by, taking the first ever close up images of the dwarf planet.Pluto’s dramatically uneven ice shell thins at sputinik planitia, which scientist think contains a subsurface ocean.

“Pluto ocean is capped and insulated by gas hydrates” which has just been published in Nature Geoscience(20th may 2019) depending on New horizon data and computer simulation.

This new research could widen the” Goldiloks Zone”

Source / Journal doi:10.5281/Zenodo.3239467
Via / Provided by: Akashganga Science Magazine

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