Prajya Biswas, a class 8 student from Kolkata holds Guinness World Record Certificate


She is known for her innovative device Smart Car- Nobody can start & drive a car after drinking alcohol.

Prajya Biswas

Prajya Biswas (Born on 2nd April 2008), a student of Narayana School Durgapur, class 8. From childhood itself, she was extremely interested in the field of Science. She was in Air Force School Bagdogra till class 7th; the way of their teachings through science experiments and Atal Thinking Laboratory (ATL) fascinated her to explore more about the world of Science. She is among more than 100 award winners from various departments of Govt. of India. She is especially known for her innovative device Smart Car- Nobody can start & drive a car after drinking alcohol.

How does her Smart Car innovation work?

Problem detected: In India, every year road accidents are observed by around 1,51,000, and Each year, about three to five percent of the country’s GDP was invested in road accidents. Every year around 14,000 people died from drivers drive with drunk/alcohol.  If we install a system in cars that the driver will not start the car/drive the car with alcohol we can save our people and money also.

Problem solution: A system measures blood alcohol levels from a driver’s breath. The levels would be detected from sensors & a face detector mounted in front of the driver.

This system will also measure the blinking of the driver’s eyes to check whether he/she is feeling sleepy/sick or not.

Basic Equipment

  1. One face detector will be installed in car/bike steering.
  2. One alcohol detector will be in car/bike steering.
  3. Both will be connected in the start section of the engine through Artificial Intelligence.

Working procedure

System-1 (Nobody can drive after drinking alcohol)

Step-1: Face will be detected through a face detector (Artificial Intelligence).

Step-2:  Same person’s alcohol levels will be detected through his breadth (thorough alcohol detector).

If anybody drinks alcohol and tries to start a card then an alcohol detector through Artificial Intelligence will give a signal to the engine not to start the car.

Step-3: The car will start after the completion of the above two-stage. So that nobody will be able to start a car after a drink of alcohol.

If anybody leaves the car after the above three-stage (after the start of the car) and another person will try to drive the car then the car will be automatically stopped because the face detector will detect the new person’s face and the car engine will be stopped.

System 2 (Nobody can drive if feel sleepy/sick)

Step -1: Face will be detected by the face detector.

Step -2: When the car will be running and if the driver closes his eyes for more than 20 seconds then the alarm will start ringing inside the car to alert the driver.

Step-3: If the driver closes his eyes for more than 30 seconds then the car will assume that the driver is feeling sleepy/sick and the car speed will become slow and will start a high-speed alarm from the front and backside of the car so that the vehicle which is coming from back/front side of the car can understand that the car driver is sleeping/sick and the vehicle driver will be aware of it after sometimes the car will stop.

Smart Car to prevent accidents (Nobody can start/ drive car/bike after drinking alcohol) by Prajya Biswas

Benefits of Prajya’s idea

  • In this system, we will be able to save a lot of life of our citizens and money also.
  • Car stolen will be also reduced.
  • Alcohol consumption will be reduced and thus, our environment will become healthy.


  • Recently she has been awarded the “Most Rising Talent Award” of Rajiv Gandhi Icon Award 2022 for her achievement in the field of Science. She achieved 1st Position in the Sci-Fi writing competition of India International Science Festival (IISF) 2021.
  • She was awarded twice from ISRO for Essay and model-making competitions. She is the only student who secured the Best State Level position in all categories of the PCRA Competition (Essay, drawing, quiz).
  • She secured 1st position in a scientific DIY competition organized by NITI Aayog in collaboration with ATL of JP International School Noida.
  • She is a Guinness World Record Certificates holder from the event of IISF 2020.
  • Her innovative device (Smart Car- Nobody can start & drive a car after drinking alcohol) was awarded by various Govt. Department.
  • She was awarded by NASA for her outstanding painting.

She said, “I am extremely grateful to my parents and teachers for always keeping me encouraging and motivating and also to Science Centres and different organizations for giving such a golden opportunity to us, for this, I have tried experimenting myself in various fields and especially explored myself a lot”.

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