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Quantum machine that can both act as heat engine as well as a refrigerator

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RIKEN engineers have invented a multitasking nanomachine that can act as a heat engine and the refrigerator both. This shows how the behavior of the particle is governed by quantum effects on the nanoscale.

Conventionally we find heat engines and refrigerators word using two pools of fluid, the reservoir, and the sink. Here we use the same but the technique is different. Here on compressing on the pool, the fluid gets heated up while the other pool rapidly expands and cools its fluid. While caring out these operations in periodic cycles there is an exchange of energy between these pools and hence can be used as both heat engines and fridges.

Keiji one of the engineers of the RIKEN Advanced Device laboratory said that in macro-scale doing so will be impossible and useless but in nanoscales where the electron can exist at both states simultaneously. The quantum version of these heat engines can also be used as transistors. Increasing the gap between the energy states and applying electric filed and microwaves, compressing operation of a fluid can be obtained which can act as a refrigerator too.

Source / Journal DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.125.166802
Via / Provided by: Physical Review Letters

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