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A new chemical bond has been found which is much stronger


A new chemical has been discovered by scientists that are much away stronger. We know about ionic bonding in metals and strong covalent bonds in non-metals. We also know about weaker hydrogen bonds, but for all these bonds, the intermediate states formed are too unstable to observe.

But in the new study, the researchers were able to keep up the intermediate states for a long period of time. They have found a hydrogen bond that posses the strength of the covalent bond which is capable of binding atoms in a molecule.

This was done by researchers by dissolving hydrogen fluoride in water and observing how the fluorine atoms interacted. Fluorine due to imbalances of positive and negative charges was attracted towards hydrogen turning it in-to Fluorine-Hydrogen-Fluorine sandwiched.

These sandwiches were bound with each other with higher strengths than typical hydrogen bonds. These bonds bounced to and fro between the fluorine atoms making them stronger like covalent bonds.

These new kinds of hydrogen bonds have a strength of 45.8 kilocalories per molecule which is greater than some covalent bonds and greater than typical hydrogen bonds whose energy range from 1to 3 Kcal. This challenges our complete understanding of chemical bonds.

Via / Provided by: Live Science

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