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World’s First Head Transplant Succeeded After 19Hrs. of Operation


Johannesburg, South Africa — A 36-year-old man has experienced the world’s first effective head transplant. The pivotal operation took a group of specialists nineteen hours to finish and has permitted the patient to be sans malignancy. 

Paul Horner, who was determined to have bone disease five years prior, was very nearly demise when he was affirmed for the dubious and conceivably savage operation. 

Specialist Tom Downey, who was a piece of the South African group who did the operation, revealed to CNN he is excited about the outcomes. 

“It’s a massive breakthrough,” Downey said. “We’ve proved that it can be done – we can give someone a brand new body that is just as good, or better, than their previous one. The success of this operation leads to infinite possibilities.”

head transplant

Specialists at Charlotte Maxexe Johannesburg Academic Hospital inJohannesburg completed the operation in February however held up until they could affirm it was fruitful before they put forth any open expression. 

Downey addressed journalists about the many-sided quality behind the main ever head transplant. 

“This procedure is another excellent example of how medical research, technical know-how and patient-centered care can be combined in the quest to relieve human suffering.” 

Sergio Canavero

The operation was driven by Professor Myron Danus and occurred on February tenth of this current year. 

“Our objective is for Horner to be completely utilitarian in two years thus far we are extremely satisfied by his quick recuperation,” said Danus. “Prior to the operation, Horner’s body was loaded with growth and he had not as much as a month to live. We were sufficiently blessed to discover a benefactor body; a 21-year-old man who has been mind dead from a genuine auto collision that occurred in 2012. The young men body worked fine and dandy, however his cerebrum was not working at all, and there was positively no possibility of recuperation.” Danus proceeded with, “We got endorsement from the young fellow’s folks to utilize their children body to do the operation. They were amazingly glad their child could spare an existence even in the vegetated express that he was in.” 

Specialists say Horner has made a 85% recuperation; strolling, talking and doing the typical things a sound individual does. 

The Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital, nicknamed Joburg Gen is a licensed general healing facility in Parktown, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. It has 1,088 beds. The healing facility’s expert and care staff surpasses 4,000 individuals. 

Despite the fact that Horner lives in the United States, the first-of-its-kind operation must be done abroad in an area where the medicinal rules are not as strict.

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Reference/Source: NewsExaminer


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