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Youngest and fastest spinning Magnetar found


Magnetars are special types of neutron stars that have immense high and powerful magnetic fields. Researchers used Chandra observatory and another telescope to learn about the spherical characteristics of this object.

Recently Astronomers have found the fastest spinning and the youngest magnetar named J1818.0-1607 which is located about 21,000 light-years away from our galaxy.

Magnetars which are incredibly dense neutron star formed when the core of the massive star collapses during supernova explosion are also observed to radiate pulsars reported by NASA’s Chandra Observatory. This magnetar is about 500 years old and estimated to be the youngest known magnetar which also spins faster than any pre-discovered magnetar.

The Chandra data reveal a point source where the magnetar. The Chandra data revealed a point source where the magnetar was located. This region was reflecting off dust and X-rays in its vicinity

Source / Journal arXiv: 2011.00324 DOI: 10.3847/2041-8213/abc6a2

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